Have you ever thought to yourself: ‘I wish I had a different job’?

You surely wouldn’t be the first person to have this thought. Study says that the majority of people are not satisfied with their current job. So many people are working for a company which doesn’t value them, doing work just for survival sake, doing work which they are not passionate about, for a boss who doesn’t appreciate their effort.

So just give a thought if we spend so much time at work why aren’t we doing something that we’re passionate about?
Everyone knows it isn’t easy to find a job which gives you both financial and mental satisfaction, so instead of going through job listings for hours we suggest that you create your own job. You can do this by starting your own ecommerce business, this way you’ll give yourself a opportunity to make your life better by doing so.


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We’ve created this article to show to you the five main ways that how your life will change for the better when you start your own ecommerce business. Innovins is the best Ecommerce development company in Mumbai.


1.Job Security

Every one needs a job security and it is important as well as it let you work with a calm mind but in the modern workplace there is an increasing lack of job security. The thought of getting a ‘job for life’ seems like a near-impossible task nowadays.
If somebody in a higher position than you, does not recognise your best qualities, or the value that you bring to the team, they could make the decision to lay you off. Not only would this leave a bruise on your ego, it would also put a halt to your income altogether. This situation is a constant worry for corporate employees.
When you’re running your own ecommerce business you won’t need to worry about somebody else controlling your employment– you’ll be the one who determines your job security with the hard work you put into growing your business. Knowing that you’re the one who controls your job security will allow you to focus on improving yourself and your business, instead of trying to meet someone’s expectations and hit unrealistic KPI’s.



Sometime it becomes important to work in the environment of flexibility and this thing is one of the most attractive things about running your own ecommerce business is having the ability to control your own work schedule. You’ll be the one who decides how many hours per week you’ll be working, whether you want to commit 50 hours a week, or you only want to work part-time on your ecommerce business.
If you’ve been working for a corporate company it’s likely that you’ll have a strict work schedule which you won’t be able to deviate from. When you’re running your own ecommerce business you’ll be able to shape your working hours around your personal life, and you’ll be able to take care of things which are important to you. As long as you complete the necessary work in a timely manner, your exact working hours won’t matter. You’ll be able to give time to your family and other priorities.


3.You’re The Boss

Having your own ecommerce business means that you’re the boss, and you’ll never need to worry about clashing heads with a colleague over something as you’ll have full liberty over the business. When you start getting positive result from your business their is a possibility to hire your own employees who can help with running your business and contribute towards the growth. Innovins is the best ecommerce development companies in Mumbai.
Every day that you’ll work on your ecommerce business will be a new challenge– there will be no boring days. You’ll need to adapt and take on many different roles, which means you’ll get experience across the entrepreneurial field. One day you could be researching new products which you’ll add to your store, the next you could be coming up with an instagram marketing strategy. You’ll learn so much and you’ll grow as your ecommerce business does.
You’ll also be fueled by an inner-motivation to succeed as you’ll be working to build something which you care about. The prospect of working long hours to complete your tasks will no longer seem like a chore, you’ll view it as a challenge instead, and one that you’re ready to face to help your ecommerce business succeed.


4.You will be Proud of yourself

If you work for a corporate company then you may feel pride in your work, depending on the level of responsibility that you have, but it can be difficult to feel like you are really making an impact. Even if you produce great individual work from your side, you’ll always be sharing success with everybody else in the company and the feel of that success has no comparison with the success in your own business and it is beacause when you launch your own ecommerce business you’ll be starting your ecommerce journey from the very beginning, and you’ll need to put in work to make your store successful. Over time your store will grow and you’ll hit significant milestones, like when you’ve made your first sale, or when you’ve made $1000 in revenue, and you’ll be able to look back and know that you’re the one who made that happen. It’ll be your work, your ideas, and your ability alone which will allow your store to grow, and you’ll feel proud knowing what you’ve achieved so far.


5.Financial Freedom

Instead of working long hours for a corporate company which doesn’t truly value the effort you put in, you’ll be able to focus your energy into launching and running your own ecommerce store, where you’ll be making your own money. You’ll no longer receive monthly paychecks and you will have full financial freedom.No one will stop object you and your financial status. You’ll instead see a direct financial benefit from your hard work and dedication to your ecommerce business.Forget about having awkward conversations with your boss when you want to ask for a raise– if you want to earn more money then you’ll be the one in control.


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