The IOT & AI Revolution with iOS 10, The watchOS 3 and Siri

A large scale revolution has quietly begun with Apple trying to fast forward the present to the future. The possibilities that have emerged in IOT and AI with the introduction of the iOS 10 and the watchOS 3 cannot be neglected. Apple has a way of introducing pathbreaking technology that on the surface seems unfeasible but on probing and understanding inspires […]

5 things that make Swift the next-gen Programming Language

Choosing the right programming language for a mobile app can be a tough decision for developers. Depending on the type of app and the kind of features, a developer wants to bring to life, picking the right programming language is part of the magic formula.
So, whether it’s Swift or Objective-C, it makes sense for developers to keep updating their knowledge […]

Evolution of Enterprise Apps: SAP meets Apple

The mobile enterprise app is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for business and for good reason.
These mobile apps continue to increase productivity, bring efficiency to all-time highs, and empower workers in their respective fields like never before. Nowadays, businesses are also on the go more than ever and the ability to work from mobile platforms will continue […]

Understanding the Android Compilation Process

Step 1 What you should know before starting Android Development?
Are you new to Android?
Don’t worry! “I have got your back!!!” ;)
Any Android application has several building blocks. I will give you overview of
The Android’s component Architecture
The Android Runtime Environments – DALVIK AND ART.
Android Compilation Process
Fasten your seat belt! We are about to get started.
1.1 The Android’s Component Architecture
Every Android application is made up […]

Integrate Google Signin SDK In iOS Application Using Swift

Step 1 Introduction
Google SignIn SDK provides following features:

Allow a user to log in through Google account.
Get user’s profile information.

In this blog post, I will explain how a user can log into our application through their Google account.
First of all, you need ClientID for Google Sign in, so you must have a google account.
Step 2 Get Google SignIn Client ID
To use the Google Sign in, we need Google […]

9 Best Educational mobile Apps : App Store 2017 – Early Learning Academy
It’s a number #1 iOS learning app for kids ages between 2 to 8. 
ABCmouse teaches stuff through more than 8500 interactive learning activities like reading, games, songs, puzzles, animations etc. All these activities can be tracked by App’s progress tracker. 
The app provides a completely safe environment to your kids. No third party apps can contact you […]