How To Choose The Best SEO Company In Mumbai

Search Engine Optimization is quite tedious and requires research. One has to have the knack to find out the trending keywords for a particular search before assigning them to a website. Given the bit of a complicated nature of SEO, it can be quite tricky to find out the best who can give you the best. However, you can certainly […]

Best Web Design And Development Company In Mumbai

Whenever you come across a website finely designed and intelligently structured, always remember, it’s a product of effort and talent working in tandem. Innovins combines the both to bring you the best of our website building services. If you have been looking for a web development company in Mumbai, that puts one hundred percent sincere effort into its website designing […]

Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer

Web designers and web developers often get conflated with each other. An ordinary layman will usually not know the difference between the two and consider them synonymous. However, there is a significant and understandable difference between them. Let’s find out.
A web designer’s work revolves around the outer design and aesthetics of the website. Web designers decide the look and the […]

Importance of Page Load Speed in 2017

Page load speed is the length of time required to display all the contents of the page. Web page load speed is a key factor that enhances user experience and positively impacts search engine rankings. Slower page response results in page abandonment. On an average, a web page is expected to load in 2 seconds. Any longer than 3 seconds, […]

Explainer Video to Demystify your Business in 60 Seconds

Create the Best Business Pitch
A corporate explainer video can demystify the secrets of your business in 60 secs. You can use an explainer video to describe your organization and how do your products and services help to add value to people’s lives. Use stats and numbers to explain the value that your business offers. Identify what makes your business unique. […]

How to install SUPEE-6788 without SSH

Magento released a new security patch SUPEE-6788 on Oct 27, 2015 which address 10+ security issues, including remote code execution and information leak vulnerabilities. A new Magento community edition also released which comes with all these vulnerabilities fixes included. This patch is not related to Guruincsite malware infection in thousands of magento website worldwide. Its strongly recommended to install […]