The Difference Between Laravel and Yii Framework – Identify The Best

A PHP framework is the most popular web development platforms allows developers to build hi-end applications efficiently using its advanced and robust features. There are several PHP frameworks used by PHP developers for web development such as Laravel, Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, Zoomla, CakePHP, Drupal, Zend Framework and many others. Each of them has its unique advantages as well as […]

25 Top Advantages of using WordPress for Your Website

Every business today needs an online presence, and just any website simply won’t do! You require a professional website where you can offer a lot of features, and at the same time, managing the content and adding new pages or content should be easy. You do not want to pay a development professional every time you have to add a […]

Where Google and Apple are headed with Android and iOS

The companies keep on innovating and enhancing the user experience while bringing a plethora of newer features, technologies and additions in other forms. Google owns the most common mobile OS, Android, while iOS is its biggest rival that runs the pricey and tech-equipped Apple smartphones.
Both technology giants are growing, experimenting and surprising the world as usual – while making the […]

Learn More About The Massive Advantages of Using a Responsive Web Design

The first step towards creating a site that is user-friendly or has an inbuilt responsive web design is that it should be able to re-format itself easily across smart phones or mobile phones. More than 40% of the people staying around the globe stay tuned to their mobile phones for at least two hours in a day. They use mobile […]

Google’s Android Nougat Running On Nearly 1% Active Devices

According to the latest calculations, Google’s Android Nougat has managed to cross the 1% mark in its Google Play distribution data. Android 7.0 Nougat has taken five months to get hold of more than 1 percent of Android devices.
Android Jelly Bean has a combined share of 11.3% while Android 4.0.x or Ice Cream Sandwich, in Google’s latest numbers, registered a […]

How Plugins Help in Improving Your WordPress Websites

Creating a website is not a big task anymore once you have the WordPress. WordPress is an outstanding content management system which can be easily managed with a lot of features. When it comes to the usage of its plugins, there are more beyond of what you actually think you can do yourself on your website! We look at some […]