Due to change in technologies, we have seen new changes and updates in SEO as well. SEO is not just building links, getting good ranks, and gaining high traffic, it has more to it.


How do we exactly rank high in blogging?
Google constantly changes its policies and algorithm, making it challenging for bloggers to get higher ranking. You must to stay updated with the changes and work with it to get a higher ranking. Whether you are a new blogger or whether you are an established blogger you need to get higher on the ranking to get SEO can really be helpful.


So, why you must use SEO for blogging? Following are some points: 

Keywords used in the content are the said to be the focus of the content. So, it’s proper use and placing will help your blog get the right traffic and visitors. The keywords should be relevant to the topic given. It is really good to include these keywords in some part of the content to get better search results and ranking. SEO works really well when the keywords are included in the content.


Blog should be have Optimized UI
Mobile search is increasing at a fast pace. Most of the traffic you receive is from the mobile screen. Your blog should be optimized to suite Mobile Devices. Remember, Google displays the mobile search results first. So, in order to get your content more search, it’s better the blog is well optimized for mobiles.


SEO is very Cost Effective
SEO brings in a good return on investment (ROI). This is one of the most effective and affordable tools that a small business can afford to use to build their online presence in the industry. SEO delivers the best results if done in the right way with consistency. And once your site starts ranking then it requires very less maintenance. Compared to other marketing tools, SEO has proved to be the best investment decision which is helpful in the long run and especially very helps for small businesses or start-ups.


Helps with Awareness
Blog Awareness or Brand Awareness is closely associated with rankings in the search engines. If your rankings are good, then surely it will help you with brand awareness. This will definitely help you small sized business. These are the reason why you must invest in SEO when you are a small sized company. Many large organizations go wrong while doing this and suffer in ranking so make sure you do this right.


These are the reason why SEO is a good option for blogging. It makes wonders if done right. All you have to do is have patience and wait for the results.