There are various scripting languages for developers have to choose from when developing applications such as CGI, JPS, PHP, ASP and Perl. The main argument currently is between ASPX and PHP, but it’s difficult to argue considering the popularity of PHP. It’s has been used for WordPress development and also Facebook uses PHP for their site thus, PHP comes with a high level of popularity and credibility.


Although developers are keen to learn as many languages possible in order to update their skills, expertise in PHP is one of the most required skills that any developers should possess. Other than the fact that knowing PHP development will create new financial opportunities, here are few of the reasons for developers to choose PHP scripting language over other languages.

1. Easy and simple to learn
PHP scripting is no doubt one of the easiest scripting languages to learn and grasp for developers. This is mostly due to its similarity in syntax with C and Java. Even if the Developer is ware only with knowledge of HTML, choosing PHP is still easy. For a fresher just starting, PHP is the first scripting language they learn because it’s clear and easy to develop and understand.


2. Support
The thing you would never want in development is to be stuck with a coding issue and have nowhere to go for solutions or help. Due to popularity of PHP, finding help or documentation for PHP anywhere is very easy. The best part is that the support is always free through PDFs, forums, social media and blogs. PHP has the maximum users than any of scripting language.


3. Free
PHP is an open source system. There are no charges associated with development using PHP, updates included. Being economic is a goal of any developers and also business. Thus, free development using PHP is of added benefit that you can’t get with ASP, JPS or any other scripting languages.


4. Integration
PHP is widely used in so many web applications and actually covers more than 30% of the World Wide Web. Systems such as Memcache, Pusher and MongoDB all easily integrate with PHP. All industries you can think uses PHP applications in some fashion


5. Scalability
In the world of Information Technology, scalability is like added benefit. If you’re dealing with hosting, databases, or in this case, development, scalability is always beneficial. By the way PHP is built; one can simply increase cluster size by involving more servers as the projects expand.