Planning Guide For Website Designing Project

Planning Guide For Website Designing Project

We are continuously searching for ways to be the best website design company possible. Our mission is to not only deliver an amazing website, but also to make the complete process of building and delivering the new website as simplefor our clients as possible.

We have created this helpful planning guide to help simplify the consultation process at the beginning of a website design project. This guide is designed to be a combined exercise between our team and the client. We use the results of this guide to create the checklists and project plans that we use inside to organize the project and finally deliver an amazing website.


What Is The Real Purpose Of Your Website?

One of the first things we ask new clients is “What are your expectations for your site?” Understanding what they feel is success will ensure that we address their specific needs and desires. If we fail to address their needs, they will not be satisfied with the end result.


What Are The Functional Requirements?

What do you need your users to do on the new website? Are you planning on having a blog? Do you want to sell products on the new site? If so, how many products? How will payments be handled? Do you require image galleries? Contact forms? Sign-up forms? How will the site integrate with social media?


How Many And What Kinds Of Pages Should The New Website Include?

A crucial part of the website design process is determining how much, what types, and who will be responsible for creating the pages and other content on the website. Generally, Webfries takes responsibility for creating and editing at least some of the content on the website. How much contribution should we have? Who in your organization will be our contact for creating and reviewing content? What will the sitemap for the new website look like?


Images, Video, And Other Content?

What images will be used for the new website and how will they be obtained? What do we need to photograph: staff photos, photos of your location, and photos of your products? Do you have video that needs to be included on the new website?


How Should Your Logo And Company Colors Be Used?

Do you have high-quality vector versions of your logo? Do you have branding guidelines? Do you need a new logo? Does your existing logo need work by a professional designer? What colors should be used on the new website? Do you have exact RGB values for your official company colors?


Hosting, URL’s, Email’s Etc?

Webfries builds most sites on a temporary URL so that clients can review progress on the new website at any time. What will this URL be? How will the new website be hosted? Generally Webfries provides hosting. Is this okay? What domain name do you use? What are the usernames and passwords? How is your email currently set up?

What contact info should be used on the site?

What address(s) should be listed on the site? What contact email? What phone number(s)? Fax number? What email should contact forms forward to?

Do you have an appropriate browser for reviewing the website?

When we build websites we use Google Chrome, Safari, and sometimes Firefox throughout the build process. We also make requirements throughout the build process for mobile support on tablets and smart phones.

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