Google has been changing and tweaking its algorithm ever so often that it has become challenging for many companies to keep their ranking on the top for SEO. Websites having responsive Web Design and Well-Optimized interface will surely benefit in terms of SEO. An online business will only run and prosper if SEO is executed well. A website should have a responsive interface in this dynamic environment. Keeping all of this in mind an internet marketing company and the Responsive Web Design Services will certainly design your website keeping the SEO factors in mind.


Following are a few points that states importance of Responsive Web Design for SEO:
1. Usability of the Website
User satisfaction and time spent by the user on the site plays an important role in SEO. To achieve this, all the elements of responsive website design, proper navigation, etc have to be kept in mind. If navigation is poor, users seldom stick around. But responsive web design makes it simple for the users to navigate through the website. So, you get an enhanced user experience. Usually, people tend to spend more time on a website. If you have well developed and responsive website designs, you will surely witness an increase in the customers and high conversion rates. Well, this signifies the importance of having a responsive design. A responsive web design leads to gain positive customer reviews, heavy traffic on site, and Brand Awareness. All of this matters in SEO and indirectly affects it significantly.


2. Bounce Rates
Google keeps an eye on every activity and behavior that takes place on the site. How promptly the users leave your site? How much time does the user spend on your website? All of it is being observed by Google. The number of visitors who leave the page only viewing it once is known as bounce rate. Higher the bounce rate on the website more negative effect it has on the rankings and in SEO. The increase in the bounced rates may happen due to lack of consistent content and lack of good or responsive design. Good Content, responsive website design, user interface etc. are a key element when it comes to SEO Rankings. So a well responsive design helps a lot when it comes to SEO.


3. Search Visibility
We see a lot of people using smart devices for searching, finding the directions, etc. With the use of smart-phones, having a responsive website design which is optimized for the device is very important. This will increase your repeat customers, lesser bounce rates, and will expand your business online. Planning to Targeting local keywords then Responsive Web Design is really helpful to improve local search visibility. There are many who use smart- phones and having a well optimized and responsive design can be helpful.


4. Duplication of Content
If you have a separate mobile site, then you are starting duplicate content issues as you need a separate URL to access. The issue of duplicate content occurs as there are separate URLs, but the content for desktop and mobile site is the same. This surely makes your rankings suffer. Most separate sites do not rank on search engines because of canonicalization. Having a responsive website will solve your problems and help you with SEO Rankings.


These are some of the points that state the importance of a responsive web design for the website.