The success of an ecommerce website doesn’t solely depend on the quality of its products, there are a range of other important information that plays an important role. Two of the most important are how the site is marketed and how it is designed.

There are various features that can help make an ecommerce website more user-friendly to customers and easy to manage from the perspective of the owner. But designing is not an easy task, it can be tricky to manage all the essential ecommerce website features and stylistic elements. Luckily, our ecommerce website design team are here to help you out! At innovins we have the best Ecommerce developers in Mumbai.


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Every shop is unique and offers some irresistible services. Current trends for a good e-commerce website design include:


1.High-Resolution Photos and Video

The days of posting just one photo  with a few bullet points and a price tag are gone. During online shopping people can’t touch the product before they buy. Shoppers want to see multiple angles and people using the product in different environments. They want to be able to zoom in and get a feel for the product. Technical considerations for images are crucial. Images that don’t load or take too long to load will see a consumer drop-off rate of 39%, according to Adobe. So it is very important to understand that Images sell, not text. E-commerce websites should display multiple photos per product. The photos need to be high-resolution and optimized for page load. 


2.Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile friendly websites won’t just make your customer comfortable but it will also help you to increase your sales and generate revenue. And even google has declared it, so it must be done. All websites are required to have a mobile-friendly version by 2017 or suffer the SEO consequences. If this isn’t reason enough, one in three online purchases is completed on a smartphone.


3.Make sure your website looks good

Imagine yourself walking into a bad looking store. How you felt? You probably bought nothing. The same is with a website. Your website visitors shouldn’t have to have a Ph.D. in Computer Science or be highly educated to place an order on your website. If you are looking to optimize your conversion opportunities, they shouldn’t even need to graduate from second grade. The main idea is to present a clear path from the landing page to checkout.Stick to the KISS methodology – Keep It Simple. The more simple the more better.


4.Customer login and logout

It is the most important feature that one must keep in mind. Your site should definitely let the customers register and login. It’s best to place this on the top bar for easy access. Apart from login it should also have logout option which customer can easily find on the top bar.


5.Trust and credibility – (SSL & Payment provider)

While shopping online customer cannot see you so consumers become more distrustful about payment data leakage. Just ensure that your website is secure and has a safe payment gateway. Your shoppers mustn’t feel that their information is going into wrong hands. Infact, i is  recommended to add logos of well known payment providers on the main site.


6.Chat (Livechat)

In today’s generation where people expect services 24*7 live chat has become a very important feature. Install a livechat and create an experience of walking into a physical store and having a sales rep ask “do you need any help?”. Show that you are a human and handle any objections, instantly recommend products and much more.


7. Wishlist

You cannot make your Ecommerce site assuming that everything will be purchased immediately. Sometimes, a customer may be interested in a product but decide to buy it later. Or a customer may find a product interesting and want to check that later for more details. A wishlist allows them to store a list of these products so that they can easily find them next time they visit your site.


8.Deals, Freebies and free shipping

First impression is the last impression. People usually decide very quickly whether they like a website or not, that’s why you should grab their interest in a matter of seconds upon their entry to the site; otherwise they will just find some other shop with a more attractive offer. And nothing attracts better and faster than shopping deals. Millions of people lose their minds during sales and discounted periods, and buy anything at slashed prices just because it’s on sale. You can position eye-catching banners with discount offers on the upper part of the home page of an online store.


9.Product Review

According to a survey 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. They are powerful piece of social proof that persuade people to buy. This part will let the customers read, rate and give reviews to products. The average rating and number of reviews should also be shown. Show reviews next to the product or install an Instagram plugin where you can show photos from your customers with your products.



Trust is the foremost thing when it comes to doing a business with someone. Although online shopping is rapidly picking up speed all around the world, many people are still sceptical of making a purchase online. Trustmarks are small images or logos that show a security guarantee by an external party indicating that it is safe to shop on the site. It give the customers a sense of security and gives them confidence in sharing their private information. Visitors would be more inclined to make a purchase if they know that their payment details are safe from prying eyes.

Apart from trustmarks, other things like a clear design, convenient menus, detailed product descriptions and user reviews are also important for creating better online reputation. Just note that trust plays an important role in a customer’s willingness to part with their money. We are the top most ranking Ecommerce development company in MumbaiAnd that’s it! We hope that the tips above will help make your online website the perfect go-to page for potential buyers.


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