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Ecommerce Website Development

How many of your website visitors are turning into customers? We will make your ecommerce website the most effective selling tool for your business.
  • Our ecommerce design process helps increase conversion rates.
  • We integrate your website with social media to help users engage with your products online.
  • Our ecommerce content management system gives you full control of how you display your products.
  • We have solutions to fit every budget.

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What People Say

  • I was fully satisfied with the way Innovins creative team worked on my website, as they did exactly what was briefed to them. Simple yet elegant was fully justified.

    Pawan Shankar

  • ISS Facility Services Pvt. Ltd. has been receiving prompt and sincere services from M/s Innovins for past one year. Innovins has developed our website & update on regular intervals. Innovins given consistent efforts to improve the website.

    We dad delightful experience with Innovins with respect to prompt support for various business verticals.

    N Rajagopal

    ISS Integrated Facility Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • A great team of extremely professional, creative and caring people. I had wonderful experience with Innovins. They were always quick and happy to help. Prompt support even after website development. I am not only satisfied but I am delighted by Innovins Great work. Keep it up.

    Vishal J. Parekh


How it works

Our four-step process to designing and building your perfect online shop

1. Initial consultation

Fill out our briefing form and we'll arrange a meeting to discuss:

  • The objectives of your website
  • Your design preferences
  • What solution is right for you and how this would fit in with your marketing strategy

2. Design & Build

Once you decide to go ahead, we'll begin piecing together your site:

  • We'll create a custom design based on your brand. No brand? No problem - we can help with that.
  • Your website will be easy to use on any device and full of the latest e-commerce technology
  • Typically takes two to three weeks to get ready

3. Launch & Testing

This is the exciting part.

  • Add in your content. We can help. We can also recommend photographers for your product range.
  • We'll update your URL/domain name settings to point at your new website.
  • We'll check your website for errors & how it is working online to make any changes required.
  • Congratulations! Now wait for the first order.

4. Bring in the traffic

We can help you market your site and acquire the visitors you need. You can do this by blogging consistently, using social media and building links to your site. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Search engine optimisation of your site
  • Paid ad campaign management on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A monthly audit of your marketing strategy

How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Website

Set Clear Goals

One should have clear goals about each and every page of the website as all pages are of equal importance. While your home page is used to engage the user, your product page should give necessary details of the products and service and compel them to buy.

Connect Easily with Customers

Make your website user friendly so that the customers can easily contact you. Try to integrate simple point of contacts such as leave a comment, inquire about a product, to establish a direct connection with the customers.

Keep Checkout Simple

Make the checkout process simple and easy. Keep the form fields very restricted because mainly people avoid long forms asking unnecessary information.

Be available to Users

Make sure that your website is available to the users 24*7 and the hosting plan is good enough not giving to a chance to be offline.

Compel users to come back

Announce new offers and send mails to the users regarding discounts, offers and compel them to revisit your website.

Clean contact information

Make sure that your contact information is clean and easily visible to the users. Create an inquiry form with the required fields only, don’t ask for unnecessary details.

Consider your Competitors

It’s a huge online market and to sustain, be at par with your competitors. Develop your website in such a way that the users are hooked on your website and make purchases.

Pricing Factor

Keep the pricing similar to your competitors and not higher than them. Having higher prices may make your users visit your competitor’s website.

Be careful of your shipping costs

Have a complete knowledge about the shipping costs and make sure that they are customized according to the products, weights and distances.

Be fully secure

Online shopping offers lots of benefits to the buyers. But many people hesitate to carry out the online purchase process as they are worried whether their personal information will be tempered with or might be stolen.

Designing a Successful Ecommerce Website

Clean Design

Your website design should be clean and clear. Make sure that all the necessary elements are neatly placed and highlighted properly which can attract the users. Plan the proper layout of the website.

Create strong call-to-action buttons

Each page on a website which has action call buttons, like “Add to Cart’, ‘Submit Payment’ or ‘Checkout’, should be clearly visible to the users and should incite them to take the further step in order to accomplish their tasks.

Visible Shopping Cart

Design and place a shopping cart on each and every page of your website, so if the users navigate through the pages of your website they can easily view their items in their cart.

Clean Navigation

Make the structure of the website so clean that the users can easily navigate through your website. Try and incorporate breadcrumb links on every page.

Make your website Intuitive

Design your website in such a way that each user understands where the links on the website will take them. Label the links correctly and provide them a good navigation experience.

Easy Checkout Process

The checkout process should be simple and easy. The form should be neatly designed and should not contain unnecessary fields as well as should be easy to fill out.

Features of a Successful Ecommerce Website

Carry out Promotions

To increase the traffic on your website, highlight the promotions, especially seasonal promotions. Place them neatly on your home page which grabs the attention of the users.

Customization of products page

Being an ecommerce website there has to be many products listed on your products page. Give accessibility to the users to sort and filter the products page according to their requirements.

Related Products

While navigating, if a person visits a particular product page, try and display related products as well which might help them to find what they are looking for.

Out of Stock

Notify the customers if any product is out of stock. Also update them when the desired stock will be available so that there are fewer chances of the users going to your competitors.

Order Tracking

Provide your customers with unique tracking id, where they can track the current status of their shipped order.

Quick Preview

Users do not wish to open all the individual product pages. Another option is to provide a quick preview of any product and its details just by hovering over the products images.

Sharing Option

Allow the users to easily share your products pages to their friends, colleagues and family. Doing so, increases the chances of generating more traffic to your website.

Product Details

Provide users with all the necessary details of the products. If the customers do not find all the information, they might not complete the purchase process. Make is mandatory to provide all the details of the products.

Shipping Options

Different customers may wish to have different shipping options according to their payment methods. Cater to all types of customers and provide flexible shipping methods instead of having a single rate for shipping.

Payment Confirmation

Once on clicking the ‘Make Payment’ Button, make your customers feel more secure on sending them the payment confirmation message on their personal phone number as well as send an email.

Back-end of a Successful Ecommerce Website


Dashboard is a place where the administrator can view all the information regarding out of stock items, sales information, performance metrics and all. Make it customizable where all these information be easily accessible.

META Data Control

Meta Data is important in order to increase the rank of your website. You can view and edit relevant keywords to rank well in the search engines. You should be easily able to customize the title tags of the pages.

Tracking Code Addition and Editing

Add a tracking code in your website, whether it is a Google Analytics code or Google Website Optimizer. This will help in better understanding of the website without the need of web developer.

Administrator Management

A web design company has many departments. Each department should be given relevant CMS sections to control according to their department.

Crawler Control

Include a robots.txt file which allows you to assist search engine crawlers which section or which part of the content is to be crawled. The CMS should also allow you to edit it, if needed.


For better crawling of all the pages of your website, include a sitemap.xml file which tells the search engine of all the web pages on your website.

Store Management

The store management of a CMS should be simple where you can easily add, delete, update any products. You should also easily edit the categories and descriptions of the products as well.

Order Management

It is very important to have an order management in ecommerce website. One should have a thorough understanding of the sales, shipping orders, customer information and so on.


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