Web designers and web developers often get conflated with each other. An ordinary layman will usually not know the difference between the two and consider them synonymous. However, there is a significant and understandable difference between them. Let’s find out.


A web designer’s work revolves around the outer design and aesthetics of the website. Web designers decide the look and the aesthetic feel of a website, which is the prima facie of any website you will have. Their responsibilities are strictly limited to the interface of the website.


Web designers are delegated with the responsibility of giving the website its prime appeal that will endear the website to regular users. You can say it’s more of a P.R responsibility that is fulfilled with technical skills.


Technologies used by web designers:

  • HTML : This one of the oldest and commonly used scripting language for designing web pages. It has evolved over the years and is still preferred by web designers.
  • CSS : This scripting language makes web pages more dynamic and better working than others. It also adds those shiny and posh background colours to your website.
  • Photoshop : Web designers use this to design company and other logos and symbols used in websites.

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If a web designer is more about the aesthetics, a web developer performs the core of website building. A web developer’s job is to build the functioning logic of the website. This includes, fetching data to and from the database, building the functioning logic of the website and triggering actions.

A web developer’s job is more difficult than that of a web designer.

A web designer uses the following development tools:

  • IDE : An IDE is an integrated development environment which provides the base for building web applications. It includes a text editor, a compiler and other vital systems.
  • Programming Language : This is merely the syntax that is implemented in the IDE text editors.
  • A Database : This helps to store and link all the vital data inputs to the website in a systematic manner.

A web developer in Mumbai will generally take anytime from a couple of weeks to months to fully implement a website.