Developing Chat Apps for Companies
Chatting apps have been super popular this decade. There are so many chat apps that you can use to communicate with your loved ones. Whether they are far away or close, chat apps shorten the distances effectively.

Popular chat apps might even help you do some advanced tasks like voice, video calling, video sharing, image sharing etc. But, company chat apps are a completely different story; they are capable of doing much more.

They can be made to possess unique customized super-productive features that company employees need for them to keep moving and get things done quickly on the go.

Some unique features of company chat apps include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Geo-location
  • Video conferencing
  • Secured group chat rooms
  • Centralized administration
  • All-device and OS compatibility

Despite having all these unique features, most users, even those in the corporate world tend to consider chat apps as just another commonly used app available in App store and won’t have any use for their work.

There are some benefits of using customized super productive company chat apps that go unnoticed by most people.


An App that can be Super-Secure

Is my data secure? Is the first question that comes to the mind of many Smartphone users. Especially the ones who are working in the corporate world, who are at the constant risk of insider leaks or data theft that could cause a huge mess, if it were to happen in reality. They need security and privacy the most. Company chat apps can be designed to be secure. These apps comply with all standards that ensures data confidentiality and security.

In other words, they are super-secure from phishing; spyware and other malicious software that ordinary chat apps tend to get affected with.


An App that can be built for heavy usage operations

A company chat app can throw in some weight when it comes to heavy usage operations like heavy communications and collaboration. It can make collaboration and communication easier, simpler and smoother. For example, your sales personnel can show the client or customer the products even in remote areas through backend access to the app.


An app that can do much more than just mere messaging.

Company chat apps are not just for chatting. They are useful tech extensions that enable employees to collaborate seamlessly without any problems. They are capable of doing things like sending/receiving files of different formats, screen-sharing, location sharing etc.


An App which is optimized.
No one uses the same phone. Everyone has different choices, Android, IOS, Windows; there is so much diversity in devices and the way they function. Company Chat Apps understands the diversity of mobile phones and are well-equipped to function in all possible devices and operating systems.

You can communicate with an Android device from iPhone or Windows desktop without any restrictions.


An App that can reduce costs.

Your employees no longer have to wait to reach a desktop to get the work done. Users from different parts of the world, branches and even time zones can collaborate and work on a real-time basis, which undoubtedly escalates productivity. The result might seem a bit vague but you will slowly feel it through improvement in work productivity.

Considering all the above benefits and facts you now know that company chat apps are different from regular chat app. Company chat apps are designed uniquely, as per company needs and requirements.