Popular Mobile Ad Networks For App Monetization

In the times of rapidly evolving technologies, online business is growing by leaps and bounds, whereas on the other side of the coin this technological revolution seems like troublesome. It is a grand hotchpotch. Let me elaborate.
Picture this,
You have come up with a million dollar idea for your mobile app and then the very next step you are taking is hiring a […]

10 Best Photo Editing Apps to Transform Your Photos into Artworks

Every day more than 95 million Instrgram and 350 million Facebook photos are shared. When we share our photos with friends, family, WhatsApp and social networking sites, we want them to look good. This is the reason, mobile applications that let you edit photos have become very much popular. The lines between desktop and mobile image editing have become increasingly […]

How Much Does it Cost To Develop Your Own Coupon App

Deal of the day or daily deal is a digital coupon offering marketing strategy for people interested in saving money. These coupons are a kind of discount that is offered or sale to its usersat a financial discountthat can be used while making use of their service or product. Such coupons are available in the different forms like, promotional codes, […]

10 Best Features You Can Expect In Android O

Android is evolving with the transformation in technology as well. Staying true to the one year update cycle for its major versions, Google has now come up with the next version of Android, Android O. The news of the release of Android O developer preview has kindled the interests of all the Android fans as to what new they can […]

Top 5 Mobile App Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Over the years, mobile apps have evolved tremendously to become the primary source of information and communication for most of the world. 2016 was a game changing year where several businesses have built their own apps and witnessed the growth of app revenues across various industries. According to Gartner research, 2017 will also be another ground breaking year where the […]

Can Your Mobile App Last A Day?

Are you thinking about launching a mobile app? Already working on one? Is it in the store? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions or even if you are just curious, we have some numbers that will interest you.
Launching an app is a big achievement and a lot of hard work, even more so if it covers multiple […]