Tips on Resolving Creative Conflicts for Website Designers

Creativity is a subjective domain. An idea that may seem creative to someone may not seem as exciting to others. This becomes all the more pronounced in a corporate environment when ideas are being brainstormed for a creative output. Disagreements are rampant leading to the ruffling of egos ultimately resulting in the main idea being lost. Take a look at […]

Top 10 WordPress Design Trends in 2017

Despite the fact that it’s been a long time since its first release, each year WordPress just appears to show signs of improvement and better with staggering new and incredible features. To be clearer, Automattic, the organization behind WordPress, works for its improvement every now and then.
In 2016, we saw a few new WordPress web patterns, like one page themes […]

The future of mobile bots

It’s been less than a year since David Marcus, VP of Facebook’s messaging products in an interview on stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon said that here are now 33,000 developers who have written 34,000 chatbots for Messenger. Marcus also acknowledged that there were growing pains, with many of the early offerings being “really bad.”
But Facebook is more and […]

12 Simple Tweaks to make your website design interactive

If you take a look at the websites over the web, you will find that there exists a standard factor common to all these. The design appears same in each of the websites that you happen to crawl over.
Have you ever wondered why is it so?
With the emergence of the Grid, there seems to be a universal standard according to which […]

Custom Web Design Vs. Website Templates – Finding The Right Fit

ompetition today is extremely stiff in every field, and business is no different. In this ever increasing competitive world, success seems to be elusive, with entrepreneurs trying all sorts of tactics to beat the competition. Reducing expenses and making more profits: these are the priorities for any business owner, and often what guides most business decisions like marketing. When it […]

Mobile First Indexing Everything We Need to Know and How it Could Affect You

he past few years were really one of a nightmare for most of the businesses because Google has been working on constantly improvizing customer experience. And, with each of the update being rolled out it is the site owner and the webmaster who suffers.
So, what is it that Google has been working upon to ensure that we are happy with […]